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Consider This 7 Online Marketing Tools for Your Digital Arsenal

The variety of online marketing tools makes it challenging for marketers to choose the best tools that should work. Testing one by one of all the available tools could be an option but in the real sense, it’s close to impossible. More to that, you will still get other methods of choosing the right online marketing tool by reading this page.

To start with is the Google analytics and Console. Google analytics will help you to track down who visited your website, which area was visited and for how long the visitor stayed on your website. With the search console you can be able to tell more about the performance of your SEO. Therefore, when you have your website you have to make sure you have this tools connected to your website. This is very possible when you are using a word press site.

Secondly, Social media schedulers The social media scheduler is very crucial for you to be able to post your content in advance. The social media schedulers are many and therefore you need to choose the one that fits you. The social media scheduler you will select will be influenced by the network you are using like choosing the buffer or Hootsuite if you are having multiple networks.

The content generation tools. The most challenging thing that faces many website owners is the content to post on their website. This is on the ground that your message on the website catches the attention of the readers. For a reader to read your content you must choose your content headlines wisely. Also you have to make sure that you have used Grammarly to ensure your content doesn’t have grammatical errors. It’s also good that you protect your content by using the Copyscape so that no one will be able to copy your content for their website. You can check out for the online marketing consultant for the website content creation if you have a problem making a quality website content.

The email marketing tool is the other option. You need to have a quick way of answering queries from your readers. You will need to subscribe for the Mailchimp which is very cheap and also has features that will prompt auto respond to any queries.

Also, there is Image creation tool. It is easy to comprehend images than texts. As you embark on using images for your website you can consider the Pixabay or Depositphotos so as to get the best quality of photos that will give you less work to work with. Heat mapping tool. With the heat mapping you will be able to know how quality or inequality your content is.

Keyword research tools. The keyword that you use will determine what results the reader will get on the Google search.

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