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4 Key Advantages of Having an Outdoor Cat Catio

Knowing that your fry friend is happy is all a cat guardian ever wants. Some of the ways that cat guardians make their cats happy is by buying the cozy blankets and toys. Sometimes it is not healthy to have your cat in the house all the time. A cat also needs some outdoor experience and you can make sure that it gets this experience while still keeping it safe. Since outdoor cat enclosures are effective, most cat guardians are slowly warming up to them. These enclosures are known as catios and if your cat does not have one, it is about time you get one for your friend. Outlined below are 4 reasons why you should definitely get a catio for your cat.

Reduces the Vets Visits
If you want to ensure that your cat will not need to see the vet frequently, you need to get it an outdoor cat enclosure. Cats enjoy playing more than dogs. In addition to this, they often are more vulnerable to different predators. When you get an outdoor enclosure for your cat, you do not have to worry about their safety. The enclosure serves as a form of security that protects your cat from accidents, predators, and parasites. This in turn reduces the regular visits to the vet which can sometimes be stressful for both you and your pet.

Gives Your Pet the Outdoor Lifestyle
Having your cat in the house the whole day is not healthy. Your furry friend also needs that dose of fresh air and vitamin D. When your cat has its own enclosed space outside, it gets an opportunity to enjoy the warm sun, the different activities taking place outside, and the beautiful cold breeze. Catios ensure that your dog remains protected and also gets to enjoy the beautiful outdoor lifestyle.

Protects Your Cat
It is risky to just leave your cat all alone outside. Even though you might find some people who leave their feline friends alone to walk around in the neighborhood, it is a huge risk. A catio can help to make sure that your cat experiences a great time outdoors and still remains safe. An enclosure guarantees the safety of your feline friend and still gives your pet the chance to see what is going on outside.

Expands the Feline Territory
To sum up, an outdoor cat enclosure can really come in handy if you have more than one cat. Since cats are territorial, you might find that they often fight when they are sharing the same space. Getting a catio for your cats is a way of expanding their territory because each car gets to have their own free space.

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