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Different Kinds of Hidden Cameras

Everyone has their own motivation for buying a hidden camera. Monitor a baby sitter, prevent employee theft, catch a cheating spouse, and so on and so forth.

If you’re sure you want to buy a hidden camera but not exactly where or how to start, it’s always good to know your options first:


Though a hardwired hidden camera can seem inexpensive upfront, there will be other expenses required to capture a decent video, and it’s not very cheap overall. But if you have new construction, you might consider running wire for this one alongside other essential home security devices, such as a smoke detector, a motion detector, etc.


This type variant usually uses common household stuff like an alarm clock in which the transmitter could be sealed inside while a separate receiver works for the video. You still need some type of a recorder to save the video that comes from the camera. These systems can still be purchased everywhere these days, but are on the road to being obsolete just like hardwired cameras.


Self-recording hidden cameras are revolutionary as far as the covert surveillance industry is concerned. These systems come with an inbuilt DVR that is programmed to stores videos to an SD memory card. Such a system usually depends on motion activation so that you save time going through the video, and you save memory space as well. Back in those days, you had to spend hours going back and forth, fast-forwarding and rewinding and back, trying to get to those few times when the subject appeared.

4G Wireless Technology

Before you can remotely access a camera, you’d have to be in a spot where there is a consistent high-speed Internet connection. If you set up your device in an area with 4G coverage but the connection from where you’re monitoring is weak, you can buy one of those hidden cameras that provide a 4G feature. Though the cost is still a bit high right now, this is expected to decrease as wireless coverage expands.


In this type of system, video transmission and reception between your hidden camera and your viewing device is possible through the WiFi signal supplied by your router. Or in certain cases, your PC can function as your recorder while the camera sends over video the using your wireless signal. Either way, you will be able to view your video whenever you want.


This category could be obvious. These cameras are literally worn on your body or at least hand-held for you to record footage. They can come as a button on your shirt or a keychain or a purse – anything goes actually. In short, the options are unlimited.

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