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Basics of a Divorce Process

In a case where you need to obtain a divorce, you would need to note that each divorce tend to be quite different from the other. A divorce with lesser bonding factors tend to have easier time solving when compared to one with children and property. In a case where one of the parties is not willing, he or she may prolong the process while a case where both parties are willing the process tend to be shorter and easier.

The first step of a divorce is filing a petition. Even when both parties have agreed to divorce, they may need one party to agree to divorce. One may also need to include the grounds. You may need a lawyer to advise you on the appropriate grounds of your divorce bearing in mind that the grounds of a divorce tend to vary from one state to another.

The next step tends to be the temporary orders. Among the aspects that feature in temporary orders include custody of the children as well as in instances where one of the spouses relies on the other fully. The temporary order retains its powers till the full hearing. In a case where the party seeking a divorce is the same person seeking temporary orders, it would be wise to file them at the same time. In case you are the one not filing a divorce, you would need to file for temporary order within the shortest time possible.

The service of process is a document is yet another step showing proof that the divorce petition was given to the remaining party. One may also need to know of the dignified and the undignified service of process. In a case where both parties are cooperative and agree to meet with the attorney, the service of process is known as the dignified while taking the divorce to the place is work is the undignified service of process.

The respondent may consider disputing the divorce on the grounds it was petitioned. Other parties such as social workers, guardians, the court employees may also be involved in some critical differences such as child custody and visitation. One may need to note that going for trial tends to cost more money, take longer and also tend to come with less predictable results and hence the need to avoid it where possible.

Lastly, there tend to be an order of dissolution. The support and custody issues are also ironed out. It would be essential for one to make sure that he or she works with a divorce attorney right from the beginning.

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